The Cuarto Package

A Refined Dusty’s Wool Wig. This wig is hybrid of premium horsehair and refined wool. Tracing its roots to certain parts of the Netherlands. This wig gives its possessor a distinct look as it portrays luxury in its totality.


  • Refined Dusty’s Wool Wig
  • 1 Cotton Gown
  • 1 Starched Cotton Collar or Unpatterned Collarette
  • 1 B&M Cotton Collarless Shirts
  • 1 BYC Camisole
  • 1 B&M Starched Cotton Bib without stay.
  • 1 Foreign Stud, Normal Wig Box, Satchel Bag (not customized), Collarette Pouch, Collar and Stud Case
  • Free Photoshoot with a celebrity photographer